Celebrating Life, Centered Around Family.

Kull Funeral Home in Altamont and St. Elmo, IL serves Effingham and Fayette counties, providing immediate funeral service needs, advanced funeral planning, cremations and monuments.

Woodrow A. Kull founded Kull Funeral Home in 1936. Since its inception, Kull has been a full-service, family owned and operated funeral home. Since 1983, Lynn A. Kull has carried on the tradition of excellence and unmatched service.

Kull Funeral Home is now taking the next step, and is continuing its tradition in serving the future needs of the community.

Remembering Good Times
And Sharing The Memories.

Kull Funeral Home in Altamont, IL

Proud member of the
Illinois Funeral Directors Association
Kull Funeral Home accepts all major credit cards.
All major credit cards accepted